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  • Why do some students learn slowly?

  • What causes learning problems?

  • Can anything be done about dyslexia?

Find the answer to these questions as well as how you too can solve any learning problem.

Potentials Learning Systems

Backed by a worldwide network of professional educators Potentials Learning Systems offers teacher training, Homeschool support, private tutoring, consulting, and other resources for Parents, Teachers, and Schools.

For over 40 years we have been helping people of all ages (beginner to degree course) with specific subjects, study skills, and examination technique.

Frank Lang, founder of Potentials Learning Systems, has devoted his life's work to solving learning problems. Through Lang's research we have developed unique methods, based on the laws of learning, that have been shown to get remarkable results for anyone of any age, including people with all types of learning differences. Over the past 40 years Potentials Learning Systems has trained hundreds of teachers to use our methods and helped thousands of students achieve their full potential.


Good reading skills are the keys to success.

Though our techniques apply to all subjects, we start our training on the foundation of good reading skills. President Clinton's Call to Action for American Education in the 21st Century, strongly emphasizes the importance of good reading skills. "According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 40 percent of America's 4th graders are reading below the basic level--not nearly as well as they must to keep up with the complexities of today's jobs and society."

When a child reaches upper grade levels, without the ability to read well, it becomes necessary to correct the problem quickly. Potentials Learning Systems can help. We offer a variety of services and resources designed to get results quickly.

Our Organization

A family business, a global team.

Though Potentials Learning Systems is a family owned business, our organization expanded over the years to include a large network of professional educators. Founded in 1958 by Frank Lang, Potentials Learning Systems continues to help people with today's educational challenges.

Frank Lang has devoted his life's work to solving learning problems. In 1958 Lang's heart went out to a little boy named Stevie, who today would be diagnosed Autistic. Stevie had been tested and diagnosed "trainable but not educable." Mr. Lang accepted the challenge to teach Stevie to read. Today Stevie is able to read, communicate, and is an active member of society,

After Stevie, Mr. Lang began to take students that no one else would. Later he founded a non-profit organization called "The Institute of Developmental Studies" to research and refine techniques, based on the laws of learning, which work for anyone. Over the past 40 years Lang has trained hundreds to use his methods and helped thousands of students, throughout the United States and Canada. In fact, Lang's influence has touched nearly every area of the English speaking world.

Mr. Lang's Daughters, Kathy Flick and Marilyn Baker, grew up learning from and later teaching with Mr. Lang in his Clinics. Kathy Flick has conducted many workshops and other projects including projects for the Navaho Indian Nation and other groups. Mrs. Flick is currently working with Mr. Lang at the Sutherlin, Oregon Learning Center. Marilyn Baker Lives in Texas and is conducting projects to help foreign students learn to read and speak English fluently.

David Breedlove, Frank Lang's grandson, has been the Associate Director of Potentials Learning Systems since 1992. Mr. Breedlove began teaching, under the direction of Frank Lang, at age 11. While working with Mr. Lang, he completed the Potentials Instructional Psychology course. At age 16 Mr. Breedlove enrolled in College at Southern University in Collegedale Tennessee. He continued his education at Walla Walla College in College Place Washington. In January, 2001 Mr. Breedlove was granted a fellowship degree from the Institute of Developmental Studies in Tennessee.

Mr. Breedlove operated a private tutorial and teacher training center in College Place, Washington for two years. He closed the center in Washington to conduct teacher-training workshops throughout the United States and Canada. Mr. Breedlove is involved in the pilot projects for developing methods for using Action Phonics in public school systems. Among his recent accomplishments is the development of a program for using Action Phonics at home.

A group of teachers headed by Potentials Associate Judy Burns, after attending workshops in south Georgia co-hosted by David Breedlove and Judy Burns, went on to receive the Georgia Middle School Association's reading team of the year award.

Many other dedicated people are involved with Potentials Learning Systems and work closely with us to help solve learning problems

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